23 January 2013 0 Comments
Github is back in China

I am really happy and relive to see github being accessible to me from China. I guess we can all agree it is great tool and everyone’s job easier.

I read a lot of comments on Hacker News on this topic, some of them were quite funny, like suggesting that no programmer/freelancer in their right mind would choose to work in China, but most of them brought a valid point, that all of ones working in China use VPN. It is true. I am using it too, but not most of the time.

On my first year in china I did buy VPN service from one of the big providers. It did work fine, I had not much to complain about. The thing is I don’t like paying for something if I don’t have to. I decided to set up VPN on my personal server.

Since then I didn’t have to pay extra for accessing blocked sites, but the connection is way slower. That is why I turn on my VPN connection only when it is really necessary. And I don’t think it is a bad thing. It stops me from procrastinating and visiting sites like facebook or youtube, but if site is important and work related, I will go extra mile to read it.

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